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Pit bull puppy rescued, looking for new home
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Pit bull puppy rescued, looking for new home

SACRAMENTO, CA - You wouldn't know it at first glance now, but just three days ago, a 4-month-old pit bull was nearly battling for his life.

The director of Chako Pit Bull Rescue in Sacramento, Dawn Capp, says a woman brought the pup to her after he became trapped under a truck and was abandoned by his owner.

"[He's] very lucky to have so little injuries considering what happened to him," says Capp.  

On Friday, witnesses say the pup was sitting in the back of a pick-up truck, parked next to a downtown Sacramento coffee shop. He was tethered by a rope attached to a chain.

Capp said she was told when the driver drove off, the puppy either jumped or fell out of the truck and got caught underneath.  

"The witnesses at the coffee shop all tried to get the driver's attention, yelling 'back up, back up!'" Capp said.

The driver eventually stopped, and witnesses say they had to cut the rope to free the pooch.

"The puppy was trembling, shaking, in shock," Capp said.

Capp says a witness  mentioned calling for police and that was  when the driver took off, leaving the wounded pup.  

There is still a  gash on the back of pup's leg and seems to have tracheal bruising.

"He had some blood coming out of his mouth and he was pretty tender. When I examined his teeth, he actually yelped a little bit," Capp said.

Despite those injuries, Capp says the dog is in remarkably good condition, and now needs a caring family to take him home.

For adoption information, contact Chako Pit Bull Rescue in Sacramento at (916) 43-ADOPT (432-3678) or email adoptions@chako.org.  

Witnesses said the dog's suspected owner was driving a white pick-up truck with a silver tool box and black bars. The pick-up had California license plates reading either 8T31508 or 8T31S08.

Anyone with information should contact Sacramento County Animal Control, (916) 368-7387 (PETS).

by Dina Kupfer, DKupfer@news10.net


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