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Food Trucks 4 Fido This Monday, Wednesday and Thursday!!

Food Trucks 4 Fido This Monday, Wednesday and Thursday!!

You won't want to miss it.

Food trucks, live music, dog grooming, dog treats and dog adoptions.

So, support our doggie friends by coming out:

*Monday from 5p-8p at 11549 Fair Oaks Blvs, Fair Oaks
*Wednesday from 5p-8p at Petsmart, 1738 Watt @ Arden Way and Watt Blvd
*Thursday from 5p-8p at 2127 Front Street, Downtown Sacramento.


Pet of the Week- Winky

Pet of the Week- Winky

What sort of dog are you looking for? Affectionate, mature and OK with other dogs and kids (no cats!)? Winky just might be your boy!

This 7 year-old cutie LOVES to be with his people friends and is looking for a home that he can relax in. Don't let his age fool you, you'll be surprised at how energetic he is!

Adoption fee: $100
All adoptions include spay/neuter surgery, vaccinations and microchip

Sacramento SPCA
6201 Florin Perkins Rd
Sacramento, CA 95828

Bracing for kitten season, it’s not too late to nip and tuck!

Bracing for kitten season, it’s not too late to nip and tuck!

Sacramento, CA: The Sacramento City Front Street shelter is bracing for the annual onslaught of tiny, homeless kittens. Each year, thousands of unwanted cats and kittens come through the doors of the shelter, brought in often by good intentioned people that have no idea what to do when either their pet gives birth or they stumble across a litter of newborns.

As we prepare for the increased demand for shelter services, we would like to remind cat owners that there are many resources available to prevent those unexpected pregnancies before they happen.  Spaying and neutering is one of the key ways to lessen the number of unwanted animals born each year and ultimately reduce the number of animals that end up in our shelters.  

The City of Sacramento offers city residents very low cost or no cost services that help people with income constraints get their pets spayed or neutered.

Pit bull puppy rescued, looking for new home

Pit bull puppy rescued, looking for new home

SACRAMENTO, CA - You wouldn't know it at first glance now, but just three days ago, a 4-month-old pit bull was nearly battling for his life.

The director of Chako Pit Bull Rescue in Sacramento, Dawn Capp, says a woman brought the pup to her after he became trapped under a truck and was abandoned by his owner.

"[He's] very lucky to have so little injuries considering what happened to him," says Capp.  

On Friday, witnesses say the pup was sitting in the back of a pick-up truck, parked next to a downtown Sacramento coffee shop. He was tethered by a rope attached to a chain.

Capp said she was told when the driver drove off, the puppy either jumped or fell out of the truck and got caught underneath.  

"The witnesses at the coffee shop all tried to get the driver's attention, yelling 'back up, back up!'" Capp said.

The driver eventually stopped, and witnesses say they had to cut the rope to free the pooch.

Breeds blacklisted from Farmer's home insurance coverage

SACRAMENTO, CA - Farmers Insurance says it will no longer cover pit bulls, rottweilers, and certain wolf hybrids under your homeowner's insurance.

"These three breeds account for 25 percent of all dog bite claims and cause more harm when they attack than any other breed," says Erin Freeman, Chief Communications Officer at Farmers.

But animal rescue groups say this unfairly condemns certain breeds and insurance companies should consider coverage on a case-by-case basis.

"You look at the individual dog just like people you can't make judgements about someone just based on an appearance," says Dawn Capp with Chako Pit Bull Rescue.

Farmers says California homeowners will be notified of the change as their policies come up for renewal.

by Brittany Davis Pulley, BDavis-Pulley@news10.net