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Triple digit days are great for solar cooking | Moms

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Triple digit days are great for solar cooking
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SACRAMENTO, CA    Solar Cookers International (SCI) celebrated nearly 25 years of promoting solar cooking for the benefit of people at the Sierra 2 Center in the Curtis Park neighborhood of Sacramento.

News10 Chief Meteorologist, Monica Woods, served as emcee for their Shine On event which recognized nearly 100 volunteers and donors. Some people attending are life long solar cookers, others novices but they were all passionate about reducing deforestation and helping the environment with a sustainable resource for cooking.

The guest speaker was Bob Metcalf, a microbiology professor at Sacramento State University. Dr. Metcalf developed the WAPI which is a water pasteurization indicator. He was able to use this in conjunction with the solar cooker to indicate when water met the proper temperature for pasteurization. This in turn resulted in less incidences of intestinal disorders and kept kids in school and parents working.

Solar Cookers International has led the way for many years in solar cooking humanitarian outreach. For more information you can log on to solarcookers.org

Moms, Weather