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Keep Your Home California Receives $383.3 Million in Funding to Help More Homeowners

Keep Your Home California Receives $383.3 Million in Funding to Help More Homeowners

SACRAMENTO – Keep Your Home California will receive an additional $383.3 million in funding from the federal government, allowing the mortgage-assistance program to help prevent foreclosure for more homeowners struggling with financial hardships.

The U.S. Department of the Treasury announced the additional funding Wednesday, the second phase of additional funding approved for the Hardest Hit Fund program during the past two months.

The combined $383.3 million will allow the state-managed program to help at least 12,000 more homeowners. Qualifying homeowners can receive up to $100,000 in mortgage payment assistance from Keep Your Home California.

City of Elk Grove Green Gauntlet Fitness Challenge

City of Elk Grove Green Gauntlet Fitness Challenge

The City of Elk Grove has thrown down the gauntlet...and it's green!!!  Join the Elk Grove movement toward healthier living at the Green Gauntlet Fitness Challenge scheduled to take place on Saturday, March 5th at the Old Town Plaza in Elk Grove.

This one-day fitness competition is for both novice and advanced teams of 4 consisting of 2 men and 2 women.  The challenge is open to anyone over the age of 18.  And with the event being so close to St. Patrick's Day, green gear is not only welcomed, but encouraged!!

The competition will consist of timed heats that will push athletes to their limits in gymnastics, conditioning,and  strength training movements with equipment that includes tires, stones and weights.

The fun doesn't stop at the wokout mats.  Spectators can cheer on athletes, stroll through vendor lane, grab lunch or a snack from the food trucks, groove to the tunes of DJ Alazzawi, and play in the Repubic Kids Zone. 

Semi crash blocks I-5 in Pocket

Several lanes of I-5 in the Pocket area are closed Monday morning because of a semi truck accident. 

Around 3 a.m. a truck lost control and slammed into the center divider just south of Sutterville Road. The driver was taken to the hospital with unknown injuries.

Sacramento to cut down more than 60 trees in Land Park

The City of Sacramento is cutting down dozens of trees at William Land Park that officials say can't be saved. Some trees were poorly placed and are not getting enough sunlight; others have diseases and the lack of water hasn't helped.

"Some of these trees have been struggling for a long time," Sacramento Urban Forester Joe Benassini said. "We've been trying to nurse them along, hoping they would recover -- but they're not doing so."

Some of the trees are coming down easily. Officials said getting rid of them now will remove a risk from the park.

"I feel safer just knowing that the trees that are here will be sturdy and good and I don't have to worry about the children," said Nancy Hopp, who often takes her grandsons to the park.

Sacramento libraries help teens find self-help books quietly

Sacramento libraries help teens find self-help books quietly

The Sacramento Public Library is getting some attention for a great idea that makes it easier for teens to help themselves with problems like depression, abuse and eating disorders.

Justin Azevedo, a librarian at the Arcade branch put together a list with issues teenagers sometimes deal with but are difficult to talk about. Next to each topic is the code that leads you to a self-help book.

"Whether it's something as seemingly mild as acne or whether it's something more serious like being in an abusive relationship," Sacramento Public Library teen librarian Molly Milazzo said. "These are the kinds of topics, especially when you are young, that you want to be able to handle quietly."

10 simple ways to keep to burglars away

SACRAMENTO - Sacramento police are cautioning residents in several neighborhoods about a sudden spike in residential burglaries.

"(Burglars are) targeting people that are maybe going to work or going to school, leaving their home empty and taking advantage of those vacant houses," Sacramento police Sgt. Doug Morse said.

In the last week, daytime residential burglaries have happened in south Land Park, Tahoe Park and in the Greenhaven and Pocket areas.

Most of the burglaries happened between 8 a.m. and 11 a.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Police believe the burglars are casing homes and waiting for residents to leave, before forcing entry through doors or windows.

A recent victim, who wanted to be known as "Emily," said she went outside when she heard a garage door open.

Sacramento is a top 10 destination city

Sacramento is a top 10 destination city

Sacramento is a destination city? It seems so, according to U-Haul.

Sacramento made this year's cut – rising three spots from last year to be named the 10th U.S. destination city.

The rankings reflect the top 10 destinations of U-Haul one-way rentals for the previous year. There are several reasons for the growth.

The survey credits the area's "green living" initiatives, as well as affordable regional home prices compared to coastal cities.

Another reason, Sacramento's growing entertainment hub with the new downtown arena well on its way.

"We're really stoked," said new Sacramento resident Whitney Dufresne, who moved to an east Sacramento home on Thursday. "Living near a great park within walking distance to a lot of neat restaurants and things to do is exciting for sure."