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Drexel’s Graduate Student Association Provides Educational Support to Mustard Seed School

Drexel’s Graduate Student Association Provides Educational Support to Mustard Seed School

SACRAMENTO – Drexel’s Graduate Student Association recently presented a $1,000 check to the Mustard Seed School, a program associated with Loaves and Fishes that helps to educate homeless children in Sacramento.

“The Sisters at Loaves and Fishes knew quite a bit of Drexel history because of the connection between Drexel and the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament," said Christopher Levermore, President of the Graduate Student Association at Drexel’s Center for Graduate Studies in Sacramento. “Drexel’s campus in Philadelphia prides itself on continuing the legacy of providing help for those in need and our Sacramento students have established that same tradition as well.”

The Graduate Student Association organized a golf tournament in June and designated part of the proceeds to benefit the Mustard Seed School, which provides a positive learning experience for children 3-15 years old.

Life in High School by Journi Romstad, Winner of Life in High School Writing Contest

Life in High School by Journi Romstad, Winner of Life in High School Writing Contest

High School, nothing like the movies. Nobody gets up on the tables and sings, there's no group of "big bad girls," and in the end, the unpopular girl doesn't always get the guy. They teach us a lot in high school, most of it we don't listen to. But it's where you make all your memories. I believe high school is where you set the path for you future. What you learn shapes who you are, and who your going to be. 


Memories. Most of the memories you make in high school stick with you for life. So why not make them good ones? 


Challenges. You will face many challenges during these four years. Some could be drugs, relationships, grades, peer pressure, or bullying.

Schools doing some cool things!

Schools doing some cool things!

This weekend's Teen Youth Traffic Safety Summit was incredible to see what teens are doing to spread the message about the dangers of distracted and drunk driving. I'd love to know what your school is doing and any positive events coming up.


And you can take the pledge together as a family not to text and drive  on www.news10.net


And the Friday Night Live program is doing great things!


VOTE: Fan Game of the Week

VOTE: Fan Game of the Week

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Voting ends Thursday, Sept. 1 at 4 p.m.

Hundreds of Sacramento students graduate from “summer of service”

 Research shows that “millennials” – teens and 20-somethings are civic-minded and socially conscious.

Matsuyama Elementary Gears Up for 16th Annual 4th of July Fun Run/Walk

Submitted from the Matsuyama Elementary School.

Matsuyama Elementary School invites community members to support their 16th Annual 5K/8K Fun Run/Walk, taking place on July 4 at 8 a.m. at Matsuyama Elementary School, 7680 Windbridge Drive. The event helps incoming sixth grade students raise funds attend the Sly Park Environmental Science Camp, where they are able to learn life sciences in a greener environment.

Councilman Darrell Fong will act as emcee for the event.

Registration costs $20 per person and is open to both children and adults.  That entire race fee goes toward supporting scholarships for students to attend the camp.

To register, print out the registration form found on the school’s website http://schools.scusd.edu/matsuyama/Fun%20Run.html.  Or visit the school to register in person.

Sacramento City Schools encourage neighbors to look after schools

Submitted by Sacramento City Unified School District.

For many Sacramento families summer is a time of fun as school-year schedules give way to more leisurely days. But for school officials on tight budgets, summer can be a time of high anxiety as worry sets in over the safety of vacant campuses.

Vandals, arsonists and thieves are of particular concern, especially those who cripple school air-conditioning and electrical systems by stealing copper and aluminum parts – crimes that cost taxpayers money and take away needed school resources.

To combat costly crimes, Sacramento City Unified School District (SCUSD) is asking the community for help in keeping schools safe and secure over the summer. School will be back in session on Tuesday, September 6.

“Most of our schools are surrounded by homes and we need those neighbors to join us in protecting these valuable and sometimes vulnerable community centers,” said Sacramento Police Lt.